Shanghai Rongxing Packaging is a bright new star based in the food packaging industry with product research and development, design, production and service. It is a service provider focusing on high-end rigid plastic  and paper containers.

Rongxing takes helping customers improve their packaging brand solutions as the entrance, and takes helping customers enhance brand influence and profitability as the leading role. With a win-win and innovative situation, Rongxing is committed to achieving every partner, creating a leading brand in the industry, and leading the industry. healthy growth!

Brands served:

Light food beast, vitality bowl, soup canister, popo-mass, fairy, medium salt, cute bear, cute baby, confidant, Yida, 13-dimensional element, mint, Yinong, Qiaolesi, Youxiang Wei Qiao, Mei Shi Xiang Xiang, Bertie, Ollie, Rui Qing Yuan, Lv Cheng, Wang Zai, Le Chun, Rui Ao......

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